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I believe writing is an amazing outlet that everyone should utilize. I’ve mentioned before the importance and impact writing/journaling has had on my journey. If you know me you know I have million notebooks, planners, sticky notes, and countless pens and pencils. I process more effectively when things are laid out in front of me. Before I type a blog I always write it out in my binder—it helps me expand and essentially define my thoughts. Intentional journaling to me means answering questions that you never really thought to ask yourself or they require more than a one word answer. It also means reflection. During reflection I sometimes get caught up on what I did or what went wrong. Instead of focusing of what I do/did well or how I can improve.

I follow a lot of different blogs and I recently came across a post about self-care and journaling.  She had so many writing prompts pertaining to various topics in the categories of life, love, gratitude, career and even technology. Today I am going to truthfully answer two writing prompts and I really would like for you to do the same.

Career. Do you believe in work/life balance? What does it look like to you?

I do! That balance will look differently with everyone and I base my balance off of the examples I grew up with. Coming from a family where my mom always had a job, went to school (3 different times), managed to be a full-time dance, tae kwon do, tennis and cheer mom, I know it is possible to “balance” the two. I say “balance” because sometimes one might over power the other at times and vice versa. I personally don’t know how she kept her head afloat but she is the epitome of work/life balance. My work life balance actively involves me asking for help when needed, to prevent anxieties and frustrations. It involves being engaged and productive while I’m at work to cut down on time I would need at home to work. In my work I find myself making to-do lists, prioritizing and planning out my days to make sure I’m getting the most out of it. My work is more structured which ultimately helps me separate the two. I try not to bring “life/home” problems into my tasks I need to focus on or complete while at work. It’s not always doable but it’s been a long process trying to weed out what I need to focus on and what’s not important. I’ve learned to start small and build from there. Balancing work hasn’t been the tough part it’s the ‘life’ that’s been difficult.

I’ve never been described as a perfectionist. Perfectionism gives me the chills and is not maintainable or sustainable as we go through life. I know it can be destructive and the only thing close to perfectionism that is attainable is excellence. Lately, I’ve been trying to put the word ‘excellent’ in front of everything.

Excellent Servant.

Excellent Mom.

Excellent Sister.

Excellent Daughter.

Excellent Coach.

Excellent Blogger.

Excellent Friend.

and the list goes on…you get the point.

How can I balance all of those roles while being excellent at everything at the same time? I can’t. I try to focus on what I deem is most important in my life and focus on those things first. I’ve learned to limit activities and people that waste time. I ask myself…

“What are things I like to do or people I like to be around that make me fill the most rewarded and valued”

I’ve also switched up habits that weren’t helping me get the best out of life. I’ve cut out a lot of phone time. If I don’t need to be on my phone or watching TV I try not to. Blogging has aided me in cutting down on wasting time on social media that didn’t pertain to me or positively effect me. (Yes, I still watch “my shows” but not AS much)

Nobody has mastered the “work/life balance” and whatever method works for you is the only thing that truly matters.

My last prompt involves the “now” side of things!

Life. What do you need today?

Coffee! I need coffee and lots of it! (HA!) 

Honestly, I need reassurance or maybe I’ve been reassured already and I don’t like how I was reassured (make sense?) I truly do need reassurance in many aspects of my life that I question, daily. From finances to my potential career change and the list goes on. Reassurance can come in many forms, like simple notes from someone telling me  how much I am appreciated or that the incredibly tough decisions I’ve had to make the last few months will be all worth it. Yesterday, I was very upset about a situation that altogether didn’t need to be a ‘situation’. My friends know me well enough to know that if I expressed “I’m annoyed” and if they ask why and I say “nothing” that it really isn’t nothing. I tried to ignore the situation, but rather than ignoring it, like I usually would, I talked about it. At that moment in time I was thankful that a particular friend took the time to actually listen and reassure me everything was going to be okay.

Take the time to reassure someone you know is probably struggling.




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