Mental Health

When to log-off.

When you think of addictions what comes to mind?

Social media? The negative impact social media has had on us since it evolved is disheartening. Although, every single aspect of social media isn’t negative, I can think of more bad than good it has caused to others. Do you get fulfillment from how many likes or view you have? It might be time to unplug and reevaluate if so.

Obligated. We are all guilty of it, we go to a new place and the first thing we do is get our phones out to take a pic—to upload it for everyone else to see. Why? Instant gratification. I call it, posting without a purpose. Sometimes, I feel obligated to share what’s going on in my life since I do use social media to reach an audience about personal things I deal/dealt with.

Subconsciously, I always look at my phone. I don’t do it because I’m waiting on an important phone call, text or email rather, because it’s become a habit and a very unhealthy one. In college, while studying, I would place a lock on certain websites while studying so I could focus. Really? Due to my subconscious social media scroll I had to put a restraint on something that shouldn’t have consumed so much of my time anyway.

Social media has sometimes played a role in the wellness of my mental health journey. Sometimes, it’s drained me, put me in a negative head space and debilitated me from letting go of things and/or people that I needed to be unattached from.

Think. Do you get off social media feeling empowered and ready to go? Or, do you have a feeling of being unaccomplished or even having anxiety because you’re missing out on whatever someone else is experiencing? There’s questions you should ask before you start feeling like “you’re missing out”. How are you helping your insecurities? How is stressing over what you wish you had aiding in your journey? Also, everyone posts/shares for many  reasons. It is not your job to dissect why someone posted what they did. Focusing on yourself and only browsing for leisure are beneficial in sustaining positive mental health and wellness. Comparing your life to the lives that are portrayed daily will and would take a toll on anyone.

Moment of Transparency. I’ve been a “single mom” since I was about 4 months pregnant. On top of the fact I was pregnant, I was also alone. It wasn’t the most exciting time of my life and for a very long time it was incredibly hard for me to be genuinely happy for friends and family who were expecting…with their significant other. Of course the presence of social media just amped up my “Hate for happiness”. I rarely told people congratulations, I  would perseverate on the ideal of what my life should have looked like. One great thing about me recognizing I did that was fixing/changing my mindset in regards to social media. I had to come to the conclusion that people share what they want you to know and see. Which is OKAY! That is more so for those who struggle with comparing themselves to the non-realistic standards that have quietly been set by social media.

Focus on your journey and if you want to share it with the world, how do you plan on doing so? What social media platforms will you need to or want to utilize? If you get off track while on your journey because of social media how do you plan on getting back on?

Blogging is something I feel comfortable doing. No matter how much feedback I receive like “Why are you telling everyone your business?”. That was my choice to start and experience this journey with you all. Not for monetary gain or popularity, but knowing I’ve reached over 1,000 people using SOCIAL MEDIA! That’s 1,000 people I would have never reached if I didn’t let go of the negative side of using this platform. I’ve connected with several like minded people who have inspired me to do way more.

When it’s all said and done, you have to be happy with yourself and wherever you are on your journey. It took me a long time to be proud of the race and the journey God intended and set aside for me.

It’s hard getting to that point but if you think the absence of social media might be hindering your progress then…log off.

How has social media affected your mental health? I’d love to know your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “When to log-off.

  1. I’ve been talking with a couple of my friends about taking a social media break, what’s funny is we’re like.. well it’s about to be summer, maybe break in the fall! Haha crazy when you think about it because before the craze of IG we had just as much fun not knowing what other people were doing 24/7. I liked this though and totally agree. Sometimes you just need a mental break…

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