Mental Health

Challenge Check-in

We made it!

Check-in. It’s been one week since we started this challenge! Keeping up with everyone has been pretty difficult but it has been rewarding to hear all the feedback from you all! Knowing you are taking time out of your day to participate and push yourself motivates me. The first day of the challenge was set two goals you want to accomplish during this challenge. One of my two goals correlates with the series we are going through at church—Read the Word for 5-10 min and listen for 3-5. I wanted to make sure I accomplished this every single day and so far, so good! I set a recurring calendar event that alerts me during what I have set as “the most peaceful time of my morning”. I have made a point to read my Daily Devotion and the scripture that goes along with them. It has helped me be more aware of my thoughts and actions throughout the day, which leads to accountability. Holding yourself accountable is a feat in itself, because who loves admitting theirs faults and fixing “flaws” we often mask as “That’s just how I am!”. It’s allowed me to forgive myself and most importantly forgive and apologizes to people I know I hurt. This last week has been full of tough conversations with different people. Some of those conversations placed me in a position to put what I have been working on to the test. My assertiveness can sometimes be seen as rude, defensive and uncaring. When in all actuality, I’m trying to convey the opposite. I am passionate about certain things and people and when my love, care and support are being questioned or challenged my assertiveness peaks through when I speak. I have been making a more conscious effort to listen, fully, before responding, making sure my tone of voice suits the message I am trying to convey and also asking questions if I am unsure. Asking questions after listening sounds like a “DUH” thing to do but how many times have you had a conversation with someone and they respond “That’s not what I mean!” Asking questions has helped me become less defensive and more accountable. Actively reading and listening every single day has impacted my week in ways I never would have thought.

Second goal. My second and final goal I set the first day was cutting down on screen time and that couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! My phone has a new feature that will limit your screen time. It’s kind of funny that I want to limit screen time when this challenge involves you…on my screen! Setting a limit on my phone has allowed me to be more engaged during the time I spend with my daughter, helps me rest longer at night since I’m not leisurely scrolling and helps me be more useful while on my phone. We use our phones for everything but just becoming aware of the negative effects it’s had on me and those I surround has been beneficial the last week!

Favorite. My most favorite day so far was Day 5 “No Complaint Day!”. It made me aware of what I was thinking, saying and responding to people, especially when someone asked me “How are you?” On Day 5 the first thing I was about to do when I woke up was gripe and groan about my alarm going off! Instead, I saw a reminder on my phone of what day it was and instantly thought of the plans I had to look forward to! It was definitely the most challenging day but but also has been the most rewarding!

Which day has been your favorite, most challenging, and most eye opening? Which day are you looking forward to? 

I hope you are pushing yourself and hopefully finding this challenge to be helpful! Remember if you miss days or only participate in one…you are still further ahead than you were yesterday!

Day 1: Set two goals you would like to achieve during this challenge.
Day 2: Journal for 15 minutes
Day 3: Keep all 3 meals “phone free”. No social media scrolling!
Day 4: Unfollow people on social media who don’t inspire you!
Day 5: No complaint day!
Day 6: Write down 3 great things that happened today
Day 7: Ask your friends to describe you in 3 words, write them down, and repeat it to yourself throughout the day.
Day 8: No social media before 11 am
Day 9: Write a letter to yourself explaining why you are unique
Day 10: Take your workout outside!
Day 11: Meditate for 5 minuets and focus on your breath
Day 12: Make a gratitude list of everything you are grateful for in your life
Day 13: Go to bed 30 min earlier than normal
Day 14: Make 2 of your 3 meals meatless!
Day 15: Unsubscribe from e-mails you’re not interested in keeping up with
Day 16: Create a positive thinking playlist that makes you smile
Day 17: Print out a positive quote or write one on a sticky note to post somewhere you will see it everyday
Day 18: Call someone that you haven’t talked to in a while
Day 19: Question negative thoughts, could the opposite be true?
Day 20: Try a new workout you’ve never done before
Day 21: Go for a walk
Day 22: Do a “yoga for beginners” workout
Day 23: Have a phone free night with family or friends
Day 24: Organize apps and folders on your phone. Get rid of apps you don’t use
Day 25: Compliment 3 strangers
Day 26: Remember other people’s opinions say more about them than you
Day 27: Share a fun memory on social media
Day 28: Write down 3 things that happened today
Day 29: Write out your challenge wins and enjoy a special treat!
Day 30: RELAX



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