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Hello! I’m Ashley Forte, a 26 year old from Kansas City, Missouri. I am a mom to a 3 year old, Behavior Coach and High School Cheer Coach. I’m also a dreamer, mental health advocate, suicide survivor and hopefully an inspiration to you and others. I use my voice to inform and teach others about mental illness and various related topics. I, one day hope to be a motivational speaker regarding mental health and its key components. My happiness comes from spending time with family, watching football, traveling and being a mom to my daughter.

Behind Her Smile was created to raise awareness about mental health and why is important to our wellness. Along with discussing mental health comes with self-care, guides and tips to a healthier mental life, maintaining and/or getting your confidence back, overcoming fears and obstacles, celebrating triumphs and victories, advocating for yourself and others, and last but not least…Loving yourself! All of YOU!

My love for the Lord runs deep and he will guide me through this journey and whatever he places on my heart I will share with you all! My blog is personal. While it’s a collection of different moments, feelings and light, you’ll find bits and pieces of my heart as well




Ash-Mia-Nov-2017 (29 of 145)

Ash-Mia-Nov-2017 (109 of 145)

My sweet baby girl

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My sister and brother-in-law’s big day! (Mia wasn’t in the picture mood)





Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or certified counselor; therefore, I am not qualified to provide medical diagnoses or advice. I speak from my own personal experiences and beliefs, and provide tips and resources based on those experiences. If you are struggling with severe mental illness please contact a qualified psychiatrist, mental health counselor or faith based counselor to create a plan for help.