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Behind Her Smile is dedicated to motivating you, inspiring you, and pushing you towards your goals you have set for yourself!

Happily Healthy Moments is pretty much the adult version of a kiddos “Calm Down Corner”. It’s here to provide you with calming and stress free activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine. I will update periodically with new recipes, activities and writing prompts!

Have you taken time for yourself today? Or, at least plan on it? Yes! Great! No—we will get there! 

24 hours in reality IS enough time for what you have planned, you just have to set aside time for everything you want to accomplish in those 86,400 seconds!

Happily Healthy Moments

1.Start today!

2. Make to-do lists

3. Say No! — It’s okay!

4.Set goals, both long and short term

5.Think positive

6. Touch your planner before you touch your phone

7. Drink water

8.Eat Breakfast!

9. Don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to your peers

10. Create an “I am thankful for…” list and add to it daily

11. Pray, seek the Lord and open your heart

12. Send “gratitude” emails or texts

13. Write, journal or jot things down throughout the day and go over what you wrote at the end of the day

14. Start saving!