Handling Sudden Changes.

Behind Her Smile (5)

Within the past month a few curve balls, some really exciting and some that are giving me anxiety like crazy, have occurred. I recently accepted a new coaching position, a few health concerns that have left me in the dark and some internal/well-being changes that I have put in place to prepare/secure my daughter and I’s future. With these changes comes fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, excitement and a few sleepless nights. Before I started actively managing stress and anxiety I would try to sleep off sudden changes, good or bad, so I didn’t have to deal with what I thought was to come.

I have implemented some things into my daily routine to manage my anxieties due to sudden changes. Being proactive in taking care of myself has noticeably changed how I feel, physically and has drastically improved the way I interact with people daily. I never noticed how “snappy” or “on edge” I was until I started dealing with and managing my stress before they took me out. I noticed that I did care if I was in a “good/functioning” mood or not. I did care if I was helping someone oppose to hurting them with my words or actions.

I call it “checking myself”. I got the term from my Mommy, who would often tell me to “check myself” if she saw me straying off my course. I check myself daily through prayer, devotion, positive affirmations and reaching out to “my people”.

Prayer and devotion. Prayer occurs numerous times a day. When I wake up, on the way to school with my daughter, throughout the day at work, working out (because it is needed to barely make it through! HA!), and going to bed. If nobody else answer I know He will and he will always listen. Prayer is a time to give thanks and also helps me put things into perspective, especially during those times I feel like I’ve wandered onto the wrong path, unknowingly. I get to school at least 20 mins early everyday. Partially, because I LOATHE being late and I also need to make sure I can actively concentrate on my devotion and journal. Recently, I started reading a devotional by Halleemah Nash titled “Endless Summer: Inspirations and Reflections for the Journey to Life Balance”. This devotional is incredibly personable and a fresh word. Her words, along with scriptures, give me hope at the start of everyday. Another part of devotion I do is journal, which helps me shift my thoughts and perspective.

Positive affirmations. I know it seems corny but from my personal experience(s), I know positive affirmations have helped shift the way I feel and how I treat others. They can be used in any situation. Becoming a coach 4 years ago prompted me to start using positive affirmations, because of the way I would occasionally hear my girls talk. “We can’t do it” after trying a new or difficult skill once. I never realized how much negative self talk bothered me until I started coaching.

Proverbs 10:11 -“The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence”

Let your words be fuel of life. Are my words uplifting, motivational and encouraging every single day? NO. But, I am able to recognize when they aren’t and act from a place of personal security to ensure I get back on the right track.

My People. Checking myself doesn’t just involve me. It involves my people. My accountability crew. My family and friends, the first people I tell exciting or not so exciting news to. The people who tell me like it is and will always have my best interest in mind. Before having my daughter I was physically fit, the best shape I have ever been in. Mentally…not so much. After having her I can say I am the most mentally fit I have ever been. Physically…not so much. The drastic changes my body went through while I was pregnant was incredibly hard for me to embrace. I ate whatever I wanted, didn’t workout like I know I needed to and slept when I knew I shouldn’t have been. After realizing that I wasn’t going to look like I once did, I started to become discouraged and unmotivated. Discouragement can be overwhelming but having those people in your corner will make you feel better and help see the clarity in situations. My team let me vent but they also gave me solutions to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. They held me accountable, but most importantly they didn’t give up on me when I started to slack off. They still don’t give up on me. 9 times out of 10 you are a part of SOMEONES team, so speak to yourself how you would encourage someone you truly care about.

Sudden changes aren’t preventable but knowing how to deal with them can ease the transition into the unknown.

Do you have ways of managing sudden changes? Start thinking, but most importantly—start doing!




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